Friday, May 03, 2013

Twitter Mind vs. Blogger Mind...

Having just tweeted my 1065th tweet, I am finding this one-hundred and forty character, compressed thought process, has infiltrated my career.

Try as I might, I bounce from project to project with nary the time to engage in the kind of in-depth thought process required to really make a creative difference. Yes, I produce, I produce a lot. But the bursts of creativity are short, succinct and sweet.

My creativity has not suffered, it just the difference between opera and rap. One sustains the notes to historic heights, the other like a wood pecker hitting a tree. Both beautiful, but not restful.

So as I reflect upon this, I hope that less time than a year passes before I sense the urge to blog. The urge to let it all hang out (past 140 characters)....whew...time exhausted. Wait, what was that shinny object...see you  later.


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